Structuring Your Brand Website To A/B Test Niche Landing Pages

I am curious if anyone else is taking this approach to their main domain and their project sites. Previously was the main site for my consulting business with little references to my other projects. I just finished migrating so it is the catch all for all my projects and mainly promotes my mailing list. From there I plan on launching a series of forced landing pages, each with their own domain, aimed at very niche focused “call to actions” for each project.

For example is now the main landing page for the consulting work. This will allow me to run some interesting niche experiments. Even with just the consulting stuff, excluding my little SaaS projects I could launch super focused niche pages focused on the most specific customer problems.

Is anyone else taking this approach to testing their offerings, where you have one central site for your following and many little focused niche landing pages each with their own dedicated domain?

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