Jonathan Stark's Ditcherville Community

I know a few of you that read my writings are solo consultants like me. I wanted to share with you a community that I joined early last year and really had a positive impact on my business: Jonathan Stark’s Ditcherville. Ditcherville, despite being a confusing term, is a group aimed towards helping small consulting businesses price their work in a way that better aligns the value the customer gets with their pricing.

Hourly pricing is simple but it does not necessarily align your incentives with your client’s best interests. The more hours you work the more you can bill, so solving a problem fast is not necessarily in your best interest. Jonathan Stark’s philosophy on value based pricing helps better align your customer’s interest with your financial incentives.

Since I changed my business/pricing model my clients have never been happier and servicing their needs has never been more straightforward. I’ll save the exact details of how that has changed over time for another post. In the meantime if you are running a consulting business of any scale I strongly recommend you check out Jonathan Stark’s Ditcherville.

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